Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal Review

Whirlaway 291 Waste Disposer

Average Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal is a simple and compact waste disposer. Thanks to its small size it is easy to fit even into tight spaces. The Whirlaway 291 is not the best waste disposer but it is quiet and does its job. It is not as powerful as the larger models but for most smaller households it is good enough. It has no trouble grinding food waste potato peelings. It can be connected to a dish washer.

The Whirlaway 291 garbage disposal is mostly plastic but the grinding components are made of corrosion resistant steel. It may not be as solid as the more expensive models but the Whirlaway 291 is tough and lasts a long time. Many customers have had their Whirlaway garbage disposal for years. It is easy to install. The Whirlaway 291 garbage disposal gives you very good value for the money.

Note that the Whirlaway 291 comes without a power cord. The Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal comes with a 2-Year Over The Counter Replacement Warranty .

- Good value for the money
- Small size, fits into tight spaces
- Easy to install

- No power cord included

Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal Owner Review:
This is a nice size unit particularly when wanting to have more undersink storage. Unit is very compact and has a innovative mounting collar that makes installing and removing unit much easier.

It has sufficient power for nearly anything you feed into it and reasonably quiet. This unit was installed during our new home construction and now has had eight years of trouble free service. The 1/2 hp motor uses less power without any apparent loss of grinding ability. The blade design reduces impeller jams.

I have had only one occurrence of the unit jamming… You can read more Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal reviews here

Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal Review Summary

The Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal does not have the bells and whistles of the more expensive models. But it is reliable garbage disposer and the price is cheap. You get good value for the money. The Whirlaway 291 is fairly quiet and suitable for smaller households. But if you are thinking of buying a small 0.5 horsepower garbage disposal, you may want to consider the very popular Waste King L-1001 Waste Disposer. Click here to learn more about the Waste King L-1001.

You can buy the Whirlaway 291 Waste Disposer from Amazon.com, taking advantage of Amazon’s low prices and excellent customer service. Click here to go Amazon.com

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