Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal Review

The Waste King A1SPC Knight is a new garbage disposal. It looks very good and the price is reasonable but is it any good? The A1SPC Knight is a powerful garbage disposal, 1 HP, and has no trouble handling all kinds of food scraps. It is also very quiet.

The A1SPC Knight uses the 3 bolt system. It is large and heavy but still easy to install. It is a little bit sad to hide such a good looking garbage disposer under the sink. Despite being powerful it does not vibrate.

It is difficult to find any significant drawbacks with the A1SPC garbage disposal. But since it is a new model, it is too early to say how it will work a couple of years down the line. Good garbage disposals are supposed to last for at least ten years. Waste King seems to be confident that the A1SPC Knight is a quality piece of equipment. You get a life time, in-house repair, warranty. This means that if your A1SPC garbage disposer stops working, Waste King will come to you and fix the problem. Note that the lifetime warranty is limited to the original buyer.

One potential problem with the A1SPC garbage disposal is that it is large. If you don’t have much space under the sink, you may need to go for a smaller garbage disposer. Note that it comes with a power cord. If you need hard wired connection instead, some simple electric work is necessary.

The Waste King A1SPC Knight garbage disposal is safe to use with properly sizes septic tanks and you can connect your dishwasher to it. Note that unlike the garbage disposals in Waste King’s Legend series, the A1SPC has not a removable splash guard.

– Powerful
– Very quiet
– Good value for the money

– Large size

Waste King A1SPC Knight Specifications

Motor 1 HP
Motor Speed 2800 RPM
Voltage 115 V
Hertz 60 Hz
Amps 7 A
Motor Type Permanent Magnet
Feed Continuous
Sink Flange Stainless Steel & Celcon
Stopper Positive Seal
Splash Guard Not Removable
Waste Elbow ABS
Grind Ring Stainless Steel
Swivel Impellers Cast Stainless Steel
Turntable Stainless Steel
Hopper Glass Filled Nylon
Grinding Chamber Corrosion Proof Glass Filled Polyester
Bearings Permanently Lubricated; Sleeve Type
Overload Protector Manual Reset Type
Power Cord Yes, 36 inch
Shipping Weight 18 lbs

Waste King A1SPC Knight Dimensions

Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal Customer Reviews
The customers have given the A1SPC Knight an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. In other words, most of the buyers were very happy with their new garbage disposer. Virtually everyone said that it was good looking but more importantly, also that it is powerful, fast and efficient. No problems with jams has been reported. It is also very quiet, what else could one ask for?

Here are a few customer quotes

“The waste King garbage disposal is very quiet. You can barely here it humming along, grinding food, especially with the cabinet closed. The unit is large, you need an absolute minimum of 12 inches vertically.”

“went ahead and installed it, which was quick and easy. I like to put a lot of food down the disposal and our old one would get plugged and stuck. This one is amazing! Super quiet and our old one wasn’t that loud. So far I’ve put food stuffs down it that I probably shouldn’t and this thing handled it like a champ.”

“I love the new Waste King Knight. Its performance is remarkable, its warranty is unbeatable and its silence is golden! I highly recommend the Waste King Knight for anyone in the market for a new disposal unit, especially considering its powerful, yet silent operation.”

Customer remarks have been paraphrased to save space.

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Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal Review Summary

Quite clearly, the Waste King A1SPC Knight garbage disposer offers very good value for the money. It is very powerful, grinds all food scraps without any trouble, and it is very quiet. Of course it is too early to say if the A1SPC Knight disposer will stand the test of time but with a lifetime in-house warranty you are well protected. All in all, the A1SPC is well worth having a closer look at if you want a powerful waste disposer.

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