Garbage Disposal FAQ

Garbage Disposal – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between garbage disposal, garbage disposer and waste disposer?
There is no difference between a garbage disposal and a garbage disposer. It is the same device, it generally called garbage disposal but garbage disposer, waste disposer and waste disposal are often used as well. In Canada, the term garburator is often used. Note that a trash compactor is not a garbage disposal. The trash compactor compresses garbage so that it takes up less space.

What should not be put into a garbage disposer?
Obviously no foreign objects, including fingers! Bones should be avoided. The most powerful garbage disposals manage small bones without any problems. Small waste disposers have trouble with bones. To avoid unnecessary jams, don’t put any bones, except for very small pieces, in your disposal. Grease can cause blockings which can be expensive to fix. Be careful with pasta, only put down small amounts of pasta in the garbage disposer. Fibrous vegetables often cause the problem, they are tough on the garbage disposal. If you have a compost heap, put the vegetables in the compost instead.

Should I use cold or warm water?
Always use cold water. Warm water can melt fat which may re-solidify further down in the drain and cause a blockage. Also always run cold water at least for 30 seconds after the garbage disposer is finished with the waste.

Can I use ice cubes to clean my garbage disposer?
Yes, but contrary to some rumors, they don’t improve the garbage disposal. But ice cubes clean the disposer. Using ice cubes made from lemon juice can remove bad smells.

My garbage disposer smells. How can I get rid of the smell?
Always run cold water while the garbage disposal is running and clean it regularly. Otherwise the garbage disposal may start to smell. Cleaning means the rubber in the sink. Don’t stick your finger down the grinding chamber! You can put lemon or orange peels down the garbage disposal to replace bad smells. Ice cubes made from lemon juice can also be used.

Are garbage disposers environmentally friendly?
This is a hotly discussed topic. Some people argue that garbage disposers are indeed environmentally friendly, while others tell you that they create more environmental problems than they solve. You can read more this topic here, are garbage disposals environmentally friendly

What is a septic tank?
A septic tank is a key part in a septic system. A septic system is small-scale sewage system. Septic systems are common outside urban areas, with no connection to main sewer systems. The waste water flows through the septic tank and continues to the septic drain field. Solid waste stays at the bottom of the tank, while scum stay at the top of the tank. Some of the solid waste is decomposed. In most cases, the septic tank needs to be emptied regularly. Garbage disposals can be used with septic tanks, as long as the septic tank is properly sized. A garbage disposer will add some additional strain to the septic system.

Should I buy a Waste King waste disposer or an InSinkErator garbage disposer?

Only you know which garbage disposal is the best for your kitchen. But as a rule of thumb the following general guidelines can be used. If you want the best garbage disposal and don’t worry about cost, buy an InSinkErator Evolution waste disposer. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is, arguably, the best garbage disposer on the market. See our InSinkErator Evolution Excel review for more information. If you want good value for your money, buy a Waste King garbage disposer. They are much cheaper and most customers are very happy with their Waste King disposer. We recommend the Waste King L-8000 if you want a powerful garbage disposal and the Waste King L-2600 if you are happy with a 0.5 HP waste disposer. See our Waste King L-8000 review and Waste King L-2600 review for more information. Both InSinkErator and Waste King disposals have an expected lifetime of at least ten years.

What’s the difference between an EZ mount and a 3-Bolt mounting disposal?

The 3-bolt has all stainless mounting components while the EZ mount is made of plastic and aluminum. The EZ mount uses a removable splashguard while the 3-bolt has a hush cushion which is not removable.

If you are missing a question in this garbage disposal FAQ, feel free to email us.

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