Commodore US-CD-5100 Garbage Disposal Review

Commodore US-CD-5100 Food Waste Disposer

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Commodore US-CD-5100 1/2 HP Economy Food Waste Disposer is an interesting garbage disposal. It is cheap and most customers are happy with their US-CD-5100. Despite being inexpensive, the Commodore US-CD-5100 Garbage Disposal has a number of useful features, such as insulated sound shell, corrosion proof grind chamber, removable splash guard and dishwasher outlet.

One interesting feature is the anti-microbial agent, Bio Shield, that is used in the disposal. It prevents bacteria from growing inside the disposal, reducing bad odors.

The Commodore US-CD-5100 garbage disposal may not be the best choice for those who need a really powerful garbage disposer but it can manage all normal food waste, including toughest vegetable scraps, peelings and small bones. It is easy to install and be connected to a dishwasher. The small size is advantage if you don’t have much space under the sink. It is quiet and does not vibrate.

On the whole, you get excellent value for your money. The US-CD-1500 waste disposer does not really have any weak points. Of course, you can find more powerful garbage disposals but they are much more expensive.

- Excellent value for the money
- Easy to install
- Quiet
- Small size

- Not as powerful as the more expensive models

Commodore US-CD-5100 Garbage Disposal Owner Review
Better than products costing twice the price! Powerful, quiet, and very easy to install. The chamber is rust proof, so I assume it will last longer than my last two disposers who’s chambers rusted out after a few years (Don’t buy a galvanized chamber). And it’s slender profile takes up very little space under the sink. This Waste Maid disposer is the best value on the market! …You can read more reviews here

Commodore US-CD-5100 Garbage Disposal Review Summary

The Commodore US-CD-5100 1/2 HP Economy Food Waste Disposer is a good compact garbage disposal. It has all the features most people need. Commodore US-CD-5100 Garbage Disposal is quiet and powerful enough to handle normal food wate. The low price means that you get excellent value for your money. All in all, the Commodore US-CD-5100 is a very good deal. That said, amongst the cheaper garbage disposals, the bestseller is the Waste King L-1001. Here you can read more about the Waste King L-1001 waste disposer.

You can buy the Commodore US-CD-5100 1/2 HP Economy Food Waste Disposer at, taking advantage of Amazon’s cheap prices and excellent customer service. Click here to go to

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